Yandex.Browser 20.7

A web browser with DNS protection and speed optimization
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Explore the internet with greater page loading times and DNS Spoofing Protection. The browser features a turbo mode for quicker access to specific pages, includes data encryption options, has a mute button for selected windows, and scans websites for malware or viruses.

Yandex.Browser is one of the top Chromium-based browsers out there, and it has earned its place on the market by providing great user experience and fast loading speed. I'm sure you have worked with at least one Chromium-based browser, and you might find them all similar. You also might consider switching from one Chromium-based to another a waste of time and effort. I'm not here to argue, but during my testing, I have discovered a couple of things that I liked in this one better than, say, in Chrome.

First of all, there isn't much to talk about Internet surfing-wise: it's the same-old schtick, we've all seen it, everything is good and works great. However, the UI is a little different from what you might be used to. For example, when the page is loading, you'll see a translucent progress indicator right in the address bar. This way, you can be sure that a page is still loading and assess how much time it will take for it to complete.

The default empty tab is also pretty intuitive, it gives you quick access to Tableau (a set of card-looking icons for most frequently visited websites), Download List, Recently Closed websites, and Extensions. You can even customize the background image for empty tabs by clicking "Change Background" at the bottom: there are some nice preset images for you to pick from, or you can add one from your gallery. What I didn't like, though, was that you can only open one empty tab at a time (by default, at least).

I also found it unpleasant that in the Extensions tab the browser offered me to "enable" certain extensions that were turned off. Naturally, I thought that these are some add-ons that were already built in but disabled (like, an extension to take screenshots). When I turned them on, it simply downloaded the respective third-party extension and prompted me to installation. That's very sneaky, but you are warned upfront now.

Other than that, everything is very straight-forward, the browser features beautiful animation effects, and I would encourage you to give it a go if you are looking to change your primary browser.

Tom Cooper
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  • Fast loading speed
  • Nice visualization of page loading progress right in the address bar


  • By default, you can't open multiple new tabs, only sequentially
  • Turning on extensions in the Extensions tab will start downloading them first
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