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Based on Chromium open-source code, Yandex.Browser comes to join the increasing number of web browsers. There are no noticeable differences between Yandex.Browser and Google Chrome. Its developers have adopted practically the same graphical user interface, characterized by its clean design and light colors. You will find those handy tabs that allow you to open several webpages at the same time. Moreover, the settings are almost the same. Therefore, if you have previous experience using Chrome, you will hardly notice the difference when it comes to usage.

Just like in Chrome you sign in to your Google account, Yandex.Browser lets you connect to your Yandex account. This way, you can benefit from the services provided by the Russian search engine and portal. Moreover, you can synchronize your personal information on all the computers with Yandex.Browser installed. Unfortunately, some users claim that this practice of sharing your navigation data with giant companies, like Google and Yandex, may compromise your security and privacy.

Its being built on Chromium makes Yandex.Browser a fast web navigator. Moreover, this browser has the so-called Turbo mode using compression technology to reduce traffic and loading times. Besides, you can set this mode to turn on automatically when the browser detects you are using a slow connection. Another advantage derived from its engine is security as Chromium is not only fast but also very secure. It seems Yandex.Browser can use extensions to expand its functionalities; yet, it does not offer any links to a site where they can be downloaded from.

In general, Yandex.Browser appears as an alternative browser, mostly for Yandex users. In my opinion, it is still too similar to Chrome, so it is improbable that it may cause a massive migration of Chrome users. The main reason is that Yandex is perhaps too centered on the Russian market and lacks internationalization.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use.
  • It is fast and secure.
  • It seems to support extensions.
  • It includes a Turbo mode


  • Signing in to an account may compromise your privacy.
  • Yandex services still lack internationalization
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